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There's no harm in keeping an external surge protectorHowever, surge protection is not additiveDue to the characteristics of MOVs, what tends to happen is that a single MOV takes the whole surgeYou've got no way of knowing in advance whether the PSU's internal MOV will try to take the whole surge, or the surge protector strip.

It pays to have external protection from surgesAlthough placing an external surge arrester is highly recommended, you may choose to rely on internal protectors instead, whether due to cost or time related limitationsBut even if this is the case, you should not neglect to properly design the internal surge protection circuit.

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In other words, if somehow the output rails are short circuited, then this protection kicks in and shuts down the PSU to prevent damage or fireAccording to the ATX spec, each V rail

Better protection is inside electronicsA surge too tiny to damage a PSU may, instead, destroy that tiny joule protectorThat failure gets the naive to promote a tiny joule protectorNote a major differencePSU does not have a surge protectorBut it does robust and superior protectionAs required by international design standards even

The surge protection used in consumer grade UPS devices is typically similar technology to whats used in the surge protection power strips mentioned above (MOVs)As such, you can expect similar performance in terms of surge protectionThe main advantages of using a UPS come from power delivery problems other than surges.

This has actually been a BIG no no since the , because the PSU and the X PSU both have a built in surge protectorWhat happens is, even with a brand new power strip surge protector in Mint condition, by plugging the PSU into it, then it into the wall, you are putting two layers of surge protection between the wall and the console.

Cost reasons, mainlyIts also a matter of efficiencyIf you run more than one PC, as most businesses will, you can either have surge protection in each PCs power supply or you can have surge protection in the common mains connection powering a

A surge protector (or spike suppressor, or surge suppressor, surge diverter, SPD or TVSS) is an appliance or device intended to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes in alternating current (AC) circuitsA voltage spike is a transient event, typically lasting to microseconds, that may reach over , volts.

Eventually the surge protector becomes just a power bar with no surge suppression ability remainingThe good surge protectors (i.eexpensive ones) have a circuit that detects when the MOVs are unable to provide adequate protection any more and will display an indicator light and or disable the use of the surge protector.

Even if the PSU is equipped with an MOV (surge protection) and an NTC thermistor (inrush current protection), it can still malfunction, especially if the voltage or current surge is too high