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Fire blankets located in public or commercial settings must also have a fire blanket ID sign displayed above them to conform with the Fire Safety Order Various types of fire blanket ID signs are available including rigid plastic, self adhesive and photo luminescent (glow in the dark).

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A fire blanket is designed to address specific types of fires that produce large flames and are difficult to extinguishFor fire emergencies in contained areas a fire blanket can be used if the source of the flame is a chemical, oil or greaseOil or grease fires are commonly found in kitchen or cooking areas.

WoolA wool blanket with a flame retardant treatment is an ideal choice for general types of household electrical fires and in garages or industrial settings where chemical fires may startWool blankets are thicker and denser, which is a suitable type for protecting your head and torso when escaping a building that is on fire.

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Fire blankets are an essential accessory that are often excluded from workplace or home safety plansThese blankets are highly effective in snuffing out fires, so its essential to have them availableThere are different types of fire blankets, which will be discussed further in the following paragraphs.

Fire blankets that measure around square meter (about square feet) cost between and MediumFire blankets measuring around square meters (about square feet) typically cost between and LargeYou can expect to pay to for fire blankets measuring about meters (about square feet) or larger.

If upper body strength is an issue, fire blankets sized like the Wilson and Cousins x fire blanket are easily handled, as they typically weigh no more than two to three poundsSome people are concerned about what will happen when they use a fire extinguisher and are confused by the different types of extinguishers available they