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When you hear the word flammability in relation to clothing, what does it make you think Do you think your jacket would protect you from fire like a firemans working outfit Do you expect your pants to be inflammable What level of safety from fire do you expect

Flame resistant clothing is a legal requirement to protect your personnel from sparksThese are the rules and recommendations according to OSHAThere were over million non fatal workplace injuries and illnesses in the US private sector in The

Today, we will walk you through the basicsWe will talk about what is flame resistant clothing, fire retardant proximity suits, what it has done, what are the benefits, who needs to wear and much more.By the time we finish here, youll be an expert on everything

Additionally, since your facility is covered under the PSM standard, and you have determined that a flash fire hazard exists to a degree that you decided to institute a plant wide flame resistant clothing program, you are required by .(f)()(iii)(B) to include