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US Set Sets (MinOrder) Contact SupplierTransaction LevelThe product has improved work efficiency and protect the working security, it is an ideal special equipment for insulated boots (gloves) test, English interface, status notification, reminders, guided working, the operation is simple and straightforward.

Wear proper Personal Protective Equipment, including safety glasses and insulated gloves when making connections to power circuits Use only current probes, test leads, and adapters supplied with equipment Remove unnecessary voltage leads or accessories that are not in use.

Cementex CPGI Glove Inflator Visual inspections are a snap with our easy to use design features non slip, non marring baseAccording to OSHA .(b)()(ii) Insulating equipment shall be inspected for damage before each days use and immediately following any incident that can reasonably be suspected of having caused damageInsulating gloves shall be given an air test, along with