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Ebony is probably the longest running tone wood we use today as it has been used for centuries by makers of classical instruments such as violins and cellosIt feels smooth under the fingers and adds plenty of brightness and snap so it is actually quite comparable to maple both sonically and in feelCosmetically the wood can vary wildly but

Ebony is a great wood for fingerboardIt costs about times as much as Rosewood but on many guitars I like it betterThere are exceptions howeverQuicksilver with Ebony Fretboard and Dragon Inlay Ebony on a Les Paul style guitar is not the preferred

While ebony and maple are famed for their brighter, crisper tones, rosewood is known for its rich, warm tones with less high end harshnessRosewood is a naturally oily wood which results in a richer fundamental tone than maple due to the unwanted overtones being absorbed into the oily pores.

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st grade Gabon ebony electric or acoustic guitar fingerboard fretboard blank.FAST 'N FREEBeautiful! Ebony Neck Blank, Lumber Size " x " x " FREE SHIPPING!!WasFree shipping.

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Ebony vs Rosewood Fretboard The PlayabilityIn terms of grain characteristics, ebony is more open grained than rosewoodHowever, both of them allow flawless string bending compared to mapleFor both fretboard tonewood, the strings will have more bite, so players will have more control when bending strings.

Our best sellers are Ebony fingerboards and Rosewood fingerboards, but also such as Pau Ferro, Birdseye Maple, Katalox, Granadillo, and many other tonewood speciesAll of our fingerboards can be customized right from the product pagePre slotted fingerboards and radiused fingerboards can be made with any scale you choose and with a wide

The most you can say about these boards are that they are ebonyBut if you don't mind staining, and perhaps even filling a few blemishes these boards are usableNote When close to final finishing of the fingerboard, paint on a little Muriatic acid (or glacial acetic acid) with a brush and watch it attack the calcium carbonate.

Richlites fretboards are an acoustically superior product and the perfect alternative ebony fretboardOur fretboards are durable and moisture acclimated making them inherently stableRichlite has numerous advantages for the maker, manufacturer, or player of