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Choosing the proper hearing protection means accounting for the comfort of your employeesPeople are not likely to wear anything that causes pain or irritation, especially in a tender area like the ear canal and for the length of a workday.

However, hearing protection only works if you wear it consistently and correctly every time you are exposed to hazardous noise, so choose a protector that is comfortable and convenientMany people find earplugs more comfortable than earmuffs, especially when worn for long periods of time or in in hot environments.

How to choose the right hearing protection for your working noise levelWhen you are choosing the correct hearing protection for your specific workplace, consider the level of noise that needs to be filtered out and what level of sound should be kept (eg the voices of your colleagues, warning signals etc).

Hearing health relies on knowing how to protect your hearing and how to select the right form of hearing protectionThis Better Hearing and Speech Month, take a few minutes to make sure you are using the best hearing protection for your work tasksThen, wear it every time you are exposed to noise levels above dBA.

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How to Choose the Best Hearing Protection Device Hearing protection device (FromPixabay) Excessive noise exposure is a serious concern and is considered an occupational hazardIt causes physical and mental stress in many individualsAside from that, theres also higher risk of poor concentration and increased work related accidents.

Consider how long you will be needing hearing protectionDeciding on and selecting hearing protection will often come down to the users choiceUnderstanding the job you will be doing, what the source of the noise is, and how long you will need to protect your hearing will give you the information you need to choose a type of protection[]

Work related hearing loss is the second most self reported occupational illness or injury, according to NIOSHAn estimated million workers are exposed to hazardous noise on the job, with the most at risk industries being agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing and utilities, transportation, and military.

Some hard hats have an accessory slot that can accommodate ear muffsOtherwise, if you need to wear a hard hat, ear plugs will be the better choiceThe most effective hearing protection is a combination of ear plugs and ear muffsUsing both instead of one alone can provide an extra to decibel reduction in noise.

Types Aluminum, Magnetic, Plastic, Vinyl

Understanding hearing protection in the workplace By law an employer must assess and identify measures to eliminate or reduce risks from exposure to noise so that employees hearing is protectedThe protection chosen should reflect the level of risk.