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Many of those same issues were present with Kanye West in the pastBut now Chance has returned with a music video for his song The Heart Tongue and not only is the song completely clean, but its filled with Christian imageryAgain, the proclamation of faith is nothing new for Chance the Rapper, but this track seems a little different.

Chance the Rapper is best known for two things rapping (as his name would suggest) and overallsAfter appearing at the VMAs in khaki colored Sheila Rashid overalls layered over a plain white

Local designer behind Chance the Rapper's overallsCHICAGO (WLS) A local designer is the woman behind one of Chance the Rapper's signature styles his overallsSheila Rashid, a Kenwood Academy

Sheila Rashid, a Kenwood Academy graduate and former Columbia student, is making waves in the fashion worldHer designs are being put on full display thanks to Chance the Rapper.

The voting collection will be online and in select HM stores until the collection sells out, according to HMThe hoodie is long sleeve shirt and short sleeve t shirt areRashid

Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) May , At the p.m "All Ages Experience ," a long line formed outside the promised yellow school buses, nine total, to transport around

Photo Courtesy of Sheila Rashid @sheilathedesignerRashid came to overalls almost by accidentshe had been designing custom jeans (drop crotch styles, for the most part) for a while when

For independent designer Sheila Rashid, what started out as painting designs on t shirts to sell to her high school classmates, flourished and led into her own brand, which now makes overalls for Chicago artist and Grammy winner Chance The RapperChance has worn Rashids overalls to high profile events including the MTV Video Music Awards

The fashion event titled, Made and Delivered , was put together by native Chicago fashion designer Sheila Rashid and showcased the fall releases for her company, the Sheila Rashid Brand.

The Sheila Rashid Brand attracted interest around the world in , when Chance the Rapper wore a pair of Rashid's now famous drop crotch overalls at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Meet year old fashion designer Sheila RashidThe Chicago natives androgynous streetwear creations have attracted some big names to her client list, one being Chicago native Chance the Rapper.

Overalls Sheila Rashid (Chicago) Michael Button Kokorokoko Vintage (Chicago) Tee Calvin KleinShoes Nike Air Max RoyalsJacket Publish BrandHat Custom New EraIts like when that girl from Mean Girls saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so she bought army pants and flip flops (but instead its me Chance