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How to save the Zambezi teak forestsG.DPiearceDr G.DPiearce works with the Division of Forest Research in Kitwe.Zambia This article is based on a paper presented at the September meeting of the Commonwealth Forestry Association in Victoria British Columbia.

Nebraska's forest lands comprise less than percent of the total land base in the state (, acres)However, on an acre by acre comparison, woodlands provide more associ­ated benefits for society, the environment and our quality of life than most other land uses.

Hosidius is one of the five cities in the Kingdom of Great KourendLed by Lord Kandur Hosidius of the Hosidius House, their main export focus is on Farming agriculture and Cooking, and are the primary supplier of food to the citizens of the kingdom as well as the famined soldiers of the Shayzien armyMost people in Hosidius worship Saradomin, though a few also worship Zamorak, although as

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Trees provide soil protection from wind and water erosionWoodlands help protect the quality of adjacent water resources by eliminating contaminates, shading for cooler water temperatures and contributing organic matter for use by aquatic life at all levelsTrees and shrubs also trap snow for spring moisture.

The influence of vegetation, fire spread and fire behaviour on biomass burning and trace gas emissions results from a process based model By Cesar Moreno The early late fire dichotomy Time for a reassessment of Aubré ville's savanna fire experiments

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Role of Fire in Banksia WoodlandDr Ben Miller, fire ecologist and Director of Science at Kings Park, has worked in areas such as fire ecology, restoration ecology, rare plant conservation and ecosystem managementBens talk looked into the role that fire ecology plays in the management of bushland in Kings Park.

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Complete protection favours the regeneration and establishment of fire tolerant species such as Pterocarpus angolensis, Burke africana and Erythrophleum africanum (Farquhar, Calvert, )This indicates the need for differential fire management for different vegetation communities and woody species.

fire intensity or longer exposure to fire is needed to kill larger (e.g > inches d.b.h.) trees, and this may occur locally during low intensity fires where accumulations of litter, debris, or downed tree tops occur next to the base of individual large treesWildfires can cause stand replacement when they burn under severe fire