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Heritage Fire and Safety completed a fire safety strategy for the protection of the tower and roof spaces at Chester CathedralAs the appointed Fire Safety Managers for the cathedral, we are currently working on an implementation plan, updating the Fire Risk Assessment, advising on a fire detection upgrade and providing fire safety management services.

The State Register of Heritage Places is a statutory list of places that represent the story of Western Australias history and developmentPlaces included in the State Register include buildings, structures, gardens, cemeteries, memorials, landscapes and archaeological sitesEntry in the Register is reserved for places of State cultural

also good organization (staff training, fire drills, enforcement of maintenance schedules and fire safety regulations)Fire is the single greatest threat to the fabric and contents of any building and, in the case of a historical building, the loss of any authentic fabric in a fire is usually irreversible.

Sustainable Management of Historic Heritage Guidance Series Fire Safety and Heritage Places Introduction Damage caused by fire is the greatest worldwide threat to heritage placesMany heritage places are destroyed every year as a result of fires Fire safety aims to protect both people and property from fire.

Heritage Ecclesiastical Fire Protection is an expert professional Fire Safety Heritage Loss Prevention Consultancy specialising in Fire Safety Management and Risk Assessments for Listed Buildings, including Domestic Homes, Country Estates and Places of Worship of all faiths and denominations.

and fire safety influence much of the decision making that characterizes the permitting processMore often than not, rehabilitation projects that involve older buildings call for the consideration of the issue of fire safety code complianceHistoric buildings rarely meet modern life safety code requirementsMaking the necessary adaptations

Fire safety Responsibility and guidelinesGuidance documents on fire safety to assist persons in charge of premises to discharge their duties under the Fire Services Act, have been produced by this department Design and construction of new buildings, extensions and other works to buildings must be carried out in compliance with Building

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simple suggestions and templates to enable the management of fire safety to be undertaken in houseThis approach has the advantage of giving ownership to the people who manage the church and are in a position to identify, reduce or manage the risksThe Home Office fire safety guide for churches is contained in the publication Fire Safety Risk

Heritage Fire and Safety May at AM · Excellent feedback from those who attended our Fire Warden courses this week, 'great instructor who thoroughly engaged the class' and 'course was relaxed, informative and well presented'.

The Fire Safety Handbook should also incorporate the operational, service and maintenance instructions for fire protection systems and equipment, together with details of any modifications or upgrades undertaken on the equipmentSafety procedures for special occasions when higher risk is expected should also be written in the Fire Safety Handbook.