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The anti static floor is used to impede the creation of electrostatic dischargeThis, also known as ESD, is the abrupt flow of electricity that occurs when a charged object gets in contact with another surfaceNormally it will not cause harm, although it can turn out to be annoying and, in extreme cases, a little dangerous.

Intrinsically Safe for Class I II EivironmentsPrice Leader.

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Anti static flooring is suitable for more domestic electric static buildup that causes shock, is less of a risk and more so a nuisance valueAnti static flooring provides a resistance range that is only between and to the , meaning the floor will not generate staticHowever, this does not protect against a static buildup that has

Anti Static Preventing the buildup of static electricityReducing static electric charges, as on textiles, waxes, polishes, etc by retaining enough moisture to provide electrical conduction.

The Americover anti static poly is designed to meet telecommunications industry regulations and can be used for both covering and enclosureExceptionally strong and resilient, the Tuff Scrim poly is laminated with two layers of low density polyethylene (LDPE) and an additional layer of polyester string reinforcement scrim.