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ESD and Surge Protection Device Low Clamping Voltage Surge Protection Diode Array The NSPMR surge protector is designed to protect high speed data lines from ESD, EFT, and lightning surgesFeatures Protection for the Following IEC Standards IEC (ESD) ± kV (Contact) IEC (Lightning) A ( s)

IEC ESD, EFT, and Surge RS Bus Protection Design Guide IEC Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Test The IEC ESD immunity test is a system level ESD test that imitates a charged operator discharging onto an end systemThe characteristics of the IEC ESD test differ from that of other ESD

Surge protection devices (SPDs) for power supplies, which protect devices from lightning surges and other high transients, employ surge arresters in addition to varistorsThe following are examples of connections to a single phase AC power line and a three phase AC networkPlug in SPDs are frequently used for power distribution boards and

Effective ESD and surge protection a matter of balanceMultiple factors need to be addressed and tested when building an ESD protection strategy for your products, its all about getting balance and testing its efficiencyElectronic systems and components are becoming ever more sensitive to ESDMiniaturization of ICs and semiconductor

Surge ESD Protection ComponentsFor the purpose of protection against a surge and ESD, use of a varistor or zener diode is the general choiceThese components have a high electrical resistance when the terminal voltage is low, but the resistance suddenly becomes low when the voltage gets higherBy using this tendency, the component prevents

System level ESD protection becomes more important and more difficult with each new generation of electronicsNew and emerging applications require ever more capable protection solutionsInfineon leads with a strong and growing family of ESD protection devices with better clamping, lower capacitance, and an a wide range of operating voltages.

Varistors can be used as suppressors to protect devices and circuits from transient abnormal voltages including an ESD (electrostatic discharge) and a lightning surgeFor protection from a relatively large surge current (A to kA), leaded disk varistors and SMD disk varistors are suitableFor protection from a larger surge current (approximately kA or more), block varistors, and strap

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ESD and Surge Circuit Protection © Littelfuse, Inc As integrated circuit chipsets become more sensitive to damaging electrostatic discharge (ESD) and other transient voltage surges, the choice of circuit protection device becomes all the more importantSurge protection devices suppress voltage transients and divert excessive

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