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They will fire the M carbine in combat and actually hit with it when they may not even fire a more powerful gun much less hit with itFor this article I conducted a test firing of the currently available round M carbine magazines since the supply of Army surplus ones has long since dried up.

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We decided to try and bump fire our M Carbine, it actually worked well.Bump fire at your own risk, I am not responsible for any injuries from attempting thi

We opted to test two new M Carbine reproductions, the M Carbine from Inland Mfg(not the original Inland Mfgbut a new company) and the M Carbine Paratrooper from Auto Ordnance (A O)We found on three websites ( , and ) that the Inlands cost ranged from to and the A O

Rapid Firing My M CarbineI thought I would do something different todayI could have shot a little fasterI didn't do the best shooting the jugsI star

M Carbine on the PCC Course of FireToday I am running an early configuration M Carbine through my standardized Pistol Caliber Carbine course of fireThis consists of a selection of cool target systems from MOA Targets an plate dueling tree, a mini Mozambique, and a Redneck StarThese will serve to test target transitions, precision

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Low recoil and maneuverable carbine rifle makes for quick target acquisition and rapid fire accuracy.

Testing out my newAuto Ordnance M Carbine as well as shooting my Springfield M Garand.

M, and select fire M, carbines were in continuous use by American forces through the Vietnam War and also widely distributed to our alliesAn old friend of mine who was a security dog handler in Vietnam loved the carbine because he could carry and shoot it with one hand while on patrol.

Like I said test fire it by putting string around the trigger and pulling the trigger with the string at a safe distance to see if it will fire out of batter