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Insulating rubber is non conductive, anti static material is conductive, but the resistance value is large, the standard requirement is between ^ to ^ Second, the performance of anti static shoes and insulating shoes is different.

Protectiveconductive overshoes are designed to help eliminate the work hazard scenarios that may injure the feetAt , theseconductive overshoes come in many multifunctional designs to ensure that they meet your indoor and outdoor safety requirementsUnlike regular shoes,conductive overshoes are made strong as they are used in

Conductive Tweezers is made of carbon fiber and special plastic, which used for avoiding the traditional anti static plastic because of carbon and pollution products, the plastic tweezers can be used to purify the level of below the clean environment applicable to

Anti static Conductive foam products , such as Anti static foam , Anti static cleaning room , anti static shoes, chairs and other products.all widely used for ESD packaging,protection, static discharging.and etc.

Conductive EPE Foam is ESD Pink Foams, which is a type of closed cell ,pink color , Anti Static Polyethylene Foam ,because it's light weight , soft ,anti static features, widely used as the Electronic Packaging FoamAs different applications, it can be made into foam roll, foam inserts, foam sheets , foam padding and so on.

September , Wearables, IRIn the last decade, wearables like exercise trackers, smartwatches, smart glasses, and even Bluetooth connected shoes have transformed the way consumers receive, use, and share personal health data and other informationNow, e textiles are promising to set the stage for the next wave of wearables by

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