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uniform, , Photographs show him wearing the T shirt and ripped jeans that were the student's uniform of the timeT

They come in soft yellow polo shirtsThey come in white blousesThey come in plaid skirts or jumpersThey come in pleated pants, navy or khakiThey are all made of durable fabricThey come in all sizesThey are school uniformsAnd despite their name, uniform, which means "remaining the same in all cases and at all times," school uniforms can still look different from one student to another.

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Uniforms also can stop some of the bulling that occurs when one student is unable afford name brand itemsReport Post Like Reply GezzaAnty No they shouldn'tUniforms should only be mandatory in private schoolsPublic schools should never This takes

Uniforms are mandatoryGetting dressed up is hassle free if you know what you have to wearThis can helps students to get ready in the morning quickly and lessen the chances of missing schoolBy wearing of school uniform it improves punctuality in student.

School uniforms A school uniform is a uniform worn by students primarily for a school or otherwise an educational institutionThey are common in primary and secondary schools in various countriesAlthough often used interchangeably, there is an important distinction between dress codes and school uniforms according to scholars such as

School uniforms are often designed to fit all body types, which means that they may not be flattering for many peoples body formsThe material of school uniforms is another factor that could add to the discomfort uniforms can be made using either cheap canvas or polycottons.

In my opinion school uniforms should not be mandatoryStudents should have the will to express themselves through there clothingSome girls dont like to wear skirts or cant wear skirtsBoys like to playthey wear t shirts and shorts so they can move aroundNot every boy likes to be dressed up.

School Uniforms Stifle Creativity and IndividualityThere are many school uniforms pros and consone major argument against school uniforms often posed by students in the school uniforms debate is that school uniforms stifle creativity and freedom of expressionStudents may say they have a right to their individual identity and that