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HG has been producing cleaning products for in and around the home since Always based on the belief that specialised products, designed for specific issues, give the best resultsIn fact, our own Technology Research department has already developed more than extremely effective productsBy now, we can offer the best solution for

The pictogram of the chemical flask indicates that the Chemsol HG garment has been tested as Protective Clothing Against Liquid Chemicals to meet the demands of BS EN as clothing providing protection to parts of the body, (Type PB[).

Garments User InfoManufactured from a soft touch, flexible gm EPVC Polyester fabric to provide a durable, highly chemical resistant barrier, whilst providing extra comfort to the wearer.

It differs from Level A in that it incorporates a non encapsulating, splash protective, chemical resistant splash suit that provides Level A protection against liquids but is not airtightA NIOSH certified CBRN full face piece SCBA operated in a pressure demand mode or a pressure demand supplied air hose respirator with an auxiliary escape bottle.

Klipspringer's Chemsol HG range offers chemical protection and food hygiene clothingVisit us online for more information and order todayPlease open the website on a larger device to use the quick order functionality.

HG offers a wide range of quality cleaning productsCheck out the complete range of HG products for cleaning and maintenance hereOn sale onlineHG has been producing cleaning products for in and around the home since Always based on the belief that

Help prevent your workforce from being exposed to harmful chemicals when washing downFor anyone working with detergents and chemicals there is a danger tha

HAIGU HG WP pvc material chemical firefight heavy rubber suit Haigu HG WP semi enclosed first class lightweight anti chemical clothing, Its conforms to human body ergonomic design, and its structure is beneficial to the safety and hygiene of the wearer

AlphaTec Breathable Chemical Protective Clothing is designed for industrial everyday workThe product range combines outstanding comfort with advanced chemical protective properties including flame and arc resistance Liquid chemical splash protection with penetration data for more than chemicals.