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The helmet lighting accessory kit provides additional lighting in low lit environmentsIt is compatible with most Miller and Hobart helmets to include Miller Titanium, Infinity, Elite, Performance, Classic, FS and MP helmetsHobart Impact, Pro, Endeavor, and Discovery helmets.

Top Best Welding Helmets By Matthew Guy Last updated May , Given the general propensity for most of our readership (and authors) to drive horrible but charming rotboxes, theres an excellent chance that at least some of you have welded together a piece of metal or two in order to keep your heap on the road.

ArcOne Respirator PAPR Welding Face Shield ArcOne SR Respirator PAPR Kit with Hard Hat Grinding Visor and Welding Face Shield V Filter Hard Hat Visor ANSI Z Eye Protection, ANSI Z Type Class G Head Protection