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Assault Vest, Facade, Fling, Iron Fist, Knock Off Assault Vest is a good option for Conkeldurr as it will boost Conkeldurr's Special Defense stat, but using it means you can't use a Guts setFacade can do decent Normal type damage, but when tied in with Conkeldurr's Guts Flame Orb, it can decimate the opponent.

Welcome to a Smogon OU Showdown live where we will be using an Assault Vest Conkeldurr team in the Sun and Moon OU tierThis Conkeldurr moveset can be a big

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Conkeldurr is a decent user of Assault Vest, as it has good bulk aside from Special Defense, and the boost aids in its ability to tank hits from other PokemonConkeldurr also has a lot of coverage options, including Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, and Stone Edge.

Pokemon Sword Shield Conkeldurr moves, abilities, and EV spreads for VGC Series Mach Punch, Drain Punch and more! Assault Vest.Other.

With a meaty HP stat, decent defenses especially with an Assault Vest, and a great base Attack, Conkeldurr is the definition of a good tankTwo great abilities in Guts and Sheer Force allow for Conkeldurr to act as either a status sponge against Pokémon like Rotom W , Keldeo , and Gengar or a hard hitting wallbreaker with boosted

Conkeldurr @ Assault vest Ability Guts EVs Atk Def SDef Adamant Nature IVs SAtk Drain Punch Mach Punch Knock Off Ice Punch This thing can rock an assault vestAll gen it was plagued by special attacks, but no longer! now, it can take the attacks that once plagued itExcadrill @ Assault Vest Ability Mold Breaker

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Assault Vest Conkeldurr's best use is as an offensive pivot that is able to switch into special attacks with ease early in the gameUse it to check the likes of Kyurem B, Thundurus, Heatran, Keldeo, Gengar, and Mega ManectricAlthough Conkeldurr may be a decent check to Electric type Pokemon due to its naturally high special bulk, switching

Assault Vest really helps Conkeldurr out with his sub par Special Defense, allowing it to take a lot of strong Special Attacks which you'll see in the calcs sectionThe Speed IVs allow it to underspeed Quiet, IV Speed Aegislash, meaning we can hit it in blade form and OHKO it.

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Conkeldurr (M) @ Assault Vest Ability Guts EVs Atk Def SpD Adamant Nature Knock Off Drain Punch Mach Punch Ice Punchanswered Feb , by

However, when wearing an Assault Vest, Conkeldurr is equipped with an excellent set of tools that differentiate itself from other Fighting types in the XY metagameWith this piece of army clothing, Conkeldurr reaches an excellent defensive spread of HP Def SpD alongside a whopping Attack stat, which allows it to smash enemies