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The rays will help you stay warm on the coldest of daysWhen it starts getting dark, shut the curtainsCurtains also serve as an added layer of insulation over your windows and help you stay warm in winterLook out for the gaps in curtains and make sure no cold air can seep through! Rug Up!

Tip Sleep With the Window OpenImage by Flore W from PixabayAnother easy way to acclimate to colder temperatures so you can stay warm outside in winter is to sleep with the window openWhen cooler nights begin, we upgrade to our winter beddingThen we turn off the heat at night and open the bedroom window.

Things To Do To Stay Warm Working Outside In The WinterLayer UpThe most important thing (obviously) to do before stepping out in the cold is putting on appropriate clothingOf course, dressing up is paramount but youll need more than one layer of clothing to keep most of the cold outThere are at least three () layers of clothes

Brrr! When the winter temperatures dip low, living and working in a sub zero climate can really take its By employing a few tricks, however, you can stay warm despite the cold weatherWear an under layerThis is an easy way to stay

Ways To Keeping Rabbits Warm In WinterUsing a st to keep them cozyGive rabbits cozy bedroom areasYou can have the option of using the pet carriersDo a proper insulation.

Winter = Cold and nothing are worse than having to cut a session on the slopes short because you are feeling chillyIf only you knew of a way on how to stay warm in winterWell, most likely you already do, but just in case you forgot here are amazing ways to beat the chill and heat yourself up so you can enjoy the snow even more.

Its extremely difficult to stay warm if you are outside in the winter for any length of timePlease seek a place where heat is being providedWhether that place is a shelter, a church, a bus or train station, a friends house, an empty hallway

You could keep rabbits warm in winter by transferring your bunnies into the indoor cages, repairing and insulated the hutch, providing a heating pad, and warm beddingIn the wild, bunnies make burrows to liveTheir living place is known to warrenDuring the cold and rough weather, a few of them take shelter inside the same warren.

Its not bathing suit weather, but winters still a great season for outdoor funBe prepared! Dress in Layers Wear several layers of clothing and peel them off if you get too warmThe heat captured in between the layers keeps you toasty(Hint mittens are warmer

How To Stay Warm In Cold Weather Tips From A Dogsledder Staying warm is a skill, says adventurer Blair BravermanEven if you're not about to dogsled across Alaska, she has