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James RWhiteWhen putting together an electrical safety training program, what requirements does an electrical manager need to follow, for which employees This first article in a two part series helps to answer this question by looking at the level of training required, suggested components of a training program, and the definition of a qualified person.

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Test Measurement ECM Tech Talk, Episode The Ins and Outs of Insulation Resistance TestingIn this video, Randy Barnett, an electrical instructor, trainer, inspector, journeyman electrician, and safety expert, walks viewers through the wide world of insulation resistance testing.

The Benefits of Comersive Learning for Trades TrainingExpert led courses to provide your students with continuous learning supportGet a demo

Electrical Safety Training for the Manufacturing Industry Disclaimer This material was produced under grant number SHF from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U.SDepartment of LaborIt does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of

repair, or work on electrical conductors and equipment in or on CSUCI facilitiesAuthorization is hereby granted to employees in the following classifications, on the condition that the employee has completed training and experience in electrical safety and the national electric code.

To ensure optimal health and safety, new personnel should go through a rigorous, multi step training program, including one on one supervision from a designated staff safety expert as necessaryTenured personnel should also undergo periodic re trainingA bi annual all hands safety meeting can help keep staff up to date.

For more than years, AVO Training Institute has helped thousands of people in over different countries across the world, create safe and reliable electrical systemsAVO empowers employees to do their work safely, effectively and go home to their families at the end of their workdayAs part of each Live Virtual or In Person Hands on

Setting Up a Qualified Electrical Worker Program by American Trainco Introduction As compliance requirements increase, so does the need for well defined safety processes and programsA critical component of an overall electrical safety program is having a clearly defined qualified electrical worker program.

Also included a handy checklist summary of CSA, NFPA and OSHA electrical safety training requirementsNFPA E and Canadas Z Clause have almost identical requirements to OSHA, but also add the following NFPA E section (D) Decision making process necessary to be able to do the following Perform the job safety

The video library offers an extensive collection of videotapes to supplement your organizations safety and health training programIt is a convenient and popular source for Ohio employers to borrow quality occupational safety and h ealth related training aidsVisit our Web site at Central Library WSpring St Third Floor