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A New Option for ClothingWhile searching on the internet one day, I found out that there are clothes specifically designed for people with physical challenges from shirts all the way to specialized shoesI was especially excited to see adaptive pants jeans, dress pants, and more.

For example, the American Stroke Association advises people to choose loose fitting clothes and silky fabrics because the are easier to slip on and off than coarser fabricsThey also recommend starting with the affected side of the body when putting on shirts, pants, stockings, etc.

Putting on your pants As for putting on your pants, it is pretty much the same way you put on your shirt, putYour bad leg in first, then your good one and simple pull them up, this will get easier when you can move your weak arm hand better, trust meSweatpants are a easy option

Womens Stroke Clothes Needs help to Dress Assisted DressingFor the woman who has paralysis and cannot dress herself, our adaptive dresses are just the answerThe snaps down the back are strategically placed to avoid pressure on her spineThe caregiver can dress the woman with ease since the garments open all the way down the back.

Putting Clothes on People With Paralysis If youre a caregiver or an in home care professional than it goes without saying that you understand the struggle of putting clothes on people with paralysisWhile its true that your patients may never quite understand the difficulty involved, and the ridiculous amount of time it takes to do such a simple task (either

Handicap clothing is designed for the special dressing needs of people who have paralysis or other disabilitiesIt is difficult to find stylish yet functional handicap clothing and wheelchair clothing but Silverts makes it easierSilverts handicapped clothing makes it convenient for those with mobility concerns to get dressed.

DrBastien Moineau from KITE at Toronto Rehab is working on smart clothing that could help people living with paralysis increase their independence.

Set the dirty clothes aside and move the clean clothes within easy reach of the patientThroughout the process, you will need to monitor you patient to ensure they do not become fatigued or dizzyBe ready to help the patient sit or lie down if neededInstruct the patient to dress the strong side of the body first.

Some people with hemiplegia have problems with the order of everyday actions apraxiaThey no longer know how and in which order they should put on their garmentsPutting the items of clothing in the correct order goes a long way to helping them Arrange the clothes in orderWhen dressing, we recommend that you always start with the

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