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Moreover, the painting must be strong adhesion and durable because this painting is the core elements for an ESD Workbench, the most valuable things should be used a very long time for high cost performanceDetall uses the unique ESD powder painting that is anti scratch with the typical resistance of x

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Don't Replace ESD Mats Every Few MonthsSwitch to a Permanent, Built in ESD Solution.

A good part of ESD safety is dissipating the charge in a controlled mannerIf the wood acts as a very high impedance surface, you get no dissipation, and that allows static energy to build up and possibly cause problemsYou really should go with a mat that has a ground lug (or buy a ground lug punch crimper) on top of it.

Vermason was a manufacturer of ESD protection products and was founded in Letchworth in In April Desco Industries, Incof Chino California acquired of the shares of Vermason LtdWith this acquisition Vermason became a division of Desco Industries, IncToday, as Desco Europe, we retain our manufacturing capability in

ESD protection at a professional soldering tech's workbenchThis video explains the ESD protection required by the IPC JSTD specificationInstructor No

Michael Dresdner I'll be happy to tell you how to do a gloss finish on your bench, but that still leaves me wondering whyA workbench, as its name implies, is to work on, and frankly, the best surface to work on is woodIt is less slippery, takes all sorts of abuse, and best of all, can be easily cleaned and resurfaced when needed.

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After tear down the boards go to the ESD mat workbench for analisys rework fixesI was refering to workbench protection, not ESD protection per se (sorry for putting ESD mat on the subject but it was not the main intention)I handle heavy equipments like large TVs, no breaks, etc, and want to protect the surface against scratches and so.

Rob Johnstone I would recommend a drying oil finish something like a Watco Danish oilLet it cure completelyIt puts a thin protective film down that will help keep glue, paint and other gunk from sticking to the workbench topWhen it starts to wear through (which will probably happen pretty quickly under steady use), just take a random

ESD (short for electrostatic discharge) could be dangerous in manufacturing operations within the electronics industry since it can lead to total failures as