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A safety lanyard is a workers link to a fall protection anchor pointThis short length of webbing or cable typically attaches to the D ring of a workers safety harness and can have a shock absorbing feature, or simply is attached as a lifelineWhen selecting a lanyard its important to know your fall clearance distance, or the

To be an effective overseer of OSHA safety protocols and standards, the authorized officer should work in line with the companys policies and guidelines to identify hazards and correct themAddressing Fall Safety Important Traits of a Competent PersonFalls occur due to human and equipment related failures.

Page of Working at Height Fall Protection Safety Starts with the Correct EquipmentJul , Falls are the leading cause of death and injury in construction.

It is tempting to shop fall protection PPE on price, however, you need to carefully consider cost and APPLICATION when making decisions about fall protection PPEIf you have questions about selecting the proper PPE for your fall protection application, or need to order Self Retracting Lifelines or Lanyards, contact the safety experts at

The correct use of personal fall protection systems and equipment including, but not limited to, proper hook up, anchoring, and tie off techniques, and methods of equipment inspection and storage, as specified by the manufacturer.

The correct procedures for erecting, maintaining, disassembling, and inspecting the fall protection systems to be used .(a)()(iii) The use and operation of guardrail systems, personal fall arrest systems, safety net systems, warning line systems, safety monitoring systems, controlled access zones, and other protection to be used

Working at Height Fall Protection Safety Starts with the Correct EquipmentTempting as it may seem in the real world, fall protection choices should never be influenced by convenience alone.

Thats why Protecta has become the go to choice for safety managers looking for reliable fall protection solutions that comply with safety regulations and help their workers get the job doneView all M Protecta brand products Download the M Protecta fall protection catalog (PDF, MB)

Start by knowing the two basic types of lanyardUnless you're using travel limiting devices or retractable lanyards, fall arrest system lanyards need to be equipped with shock absorbers that limit fall force to less than ,lbs (kN)Make sure to note the lanyard's length when it is fully deployed and make sure that the total fall distance

Working at Height Fall Protection Safety Starts with the Correct EquipmentFall Protection Safety Starts with the Correct Equipment Occup Health Saf Jul

fall protection systems that comply with the criteria found in CFRWhen must employers provide Fall Protection The foot ruleSubpart M requires the use of fall protection when construction workers are working at heights of feet or greater above a lower levelIt applies at heights of less than