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In the DHS Approp­riations Act, Congress required the agency to create regulations that established risk based performance standards for chemical facilities that present high levels of riskDHS was also mandated to subject these facilities to vulnerability assessments and require them to develop and implement site security plans.

, , chemical manufacturer Arkema made the decision to shut down its plant in Crosby Assessing the Safety of U.SChemical Facilities Published on May , May , Likes

This NUREG provides broad guidance on chemical safety issues relevant to fuel cycle facilitiesIt describes an approach acceptable to the NRC staff, with examples that are not exhaustive, for addressing chemical process safety in the safe storage, handling, and processing of licensed nuclear

HSE Health Safety Executive Assessing the safety of staffing arrangements for process operations in the chemical and allied industries Prepared by Entec UK Ltd for the Health and Safety Executive CONTRACT RESEARCH REPORT

Hydrogen future safety assessment of hydrogen facilities Hydrogen is increasingly being used as a transport fuel in Fuel Cell Electrical Vehicles (FCEVs) thanks to its environmentally friendly nature and increasing availability from water electrolysis or steam reforming.

On March , the American Chemical Societys Division of Chemical Health and Safety (CHAS) held an on line CHAS chat that discussed Quality Data for Safer ExperimentsGiven the increasing use of general purpose search engines such as Google to collect hazard information, assessing the quality of safety information is becoming a more important skill for both chemists and the EHS

We work hard to ensure the health and safety of all employeesFor years and counting, we have innovated new practices and advanced responsible chemical and process safety management both in our facilities and across the semiconductor industryWe operate state of the art systems, including rigorous chemical management, at all of our

hazardous chemical incidents to owners and operators, workers, and communities by enhancing the safety and security of chemical facilitiesA Federal Interagency Working Group led by the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for the Office of

NUREG Chemical Process Safety at Fuel Cycle Facilities Manuscript Completed July Date Published August DAAyres Division of Fuel Cycle Safety and Safeguards Ofllce of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards U.SNuclear Regulatory Commission

Boosting Safety At Chemical Facilities EPA weighs new approaches to process safety management by Glenn Hess February , A version of this story appeared in Volume , Issue ADVERTISEMENT