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Dropper bottles for sunscreen, soap ( day trips) and bug spray (not deet)I have a oz squeeze bottle of hand sani with a pop top that I've been refillingIt's from event promotional materialsThose tiny chapsticks from litesmith are greatI tried hot sauce in

They had some delicious options for traditional dumplings, plus a variety of beer on offerThe restaurant inside had an Alpine lodge feel to it, but we sat in the lovely beer garden in the backWhere to Stay in Bratislava We found a lovely studio apartment on Airbnb

Bratislava Castle Now Ill admit, I didnt actually go inside Bratislava Castle, which contains the Slovak National Museum.While I cant speak to the museum, I highly recommend spending some time walking around the castle groundsThe castle itself is an icon of

Bratislavas train station is still seen as something of a national embarrassment, but may intrigue and amuse someLikewise, the bus from airport to centre takes you through a series of shopping parks on past various dilapidated buildings and precincts.

Ive personally never had it, but Ive heard some good thingsOtherwise, just go to any good wine tasting establishment in Bratislava and ask for deciliters of Svätovavrinecké Last Sip Communism had a long lasting negative effect on many aspects of

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And Kim Kardashian put on an eye popping display as she revealed her holiday photos on SundayThe year old reality television star posed up a storm in a tight fitting snakeskin outfit in the

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Emily, who is single, laughed 'Because of the way I dress, some people assume I have vintage morals to matchEmily Spangler, , from Chicago, Illinois, lives as if she is in the s and fills

Our balaclava love continues! Check Ya Head is an accessory knitwear brand from the Urals in RussiaEstablished in , they have been producing scarves, hats and most importantly balaclavas for their cold and wintery climate think they should work well for Canadian winters too! wool, acrylic Made in Russia Hand wash and lay flat to dry for best care.