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The following summary relates to corporate directors and officers (DO) insurance policies, which are the most common form of DO insuranceAnother type of DO insurance is personal DO insurance, which protects an individual directorTypically provides months cover on a claims made and

members, as opposed to all other persons in a market in which family members cannot obtain full coverageConsequently, the modified household exclusion in its present form appears to be an unenforceable provision in auto liability coverage, and it has a good

Social exclusion is a multidimensional phenomenon, which is linked not only to income and expenditure but also to activity status, educational attainment, housing, health, subjective assessment in making ends meet, and citizens satisfaction with health and

Commercial All Risks A commercial all risks policy is an alternative and wider basis of cover to that provided by a fire and special perils policyCover is provided for accidental loss or destruction of or damage to the property insured.

This is Civilian Exclusion Order No, issued by the Headquarters of the Western Defense Command and Fourth Army to all persons of Japanese ancestryIt is dated May , , and Lieutenant General J.LDeWitt signed off on the orderThis Order

Inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action Acknowledgements CBM International, Humanity Inclusion (HI) and the International Disability Alliance (IDA) would like to thank all the contributors to this publicationThanks go to the lead author and

This Order is intended to cover all such aliens.For simplicity, I shall refer to the persons covered by this Order as covered aliens. This Order, which is substantially the same as the amended and extended March ,

For the first three years following the equivalence decision, the exclusion for overseas persons described in PERG .G continues to apply in the normal way() The purpose of the three year period is to implement article of MiFIR (transitional provisions) under which the Act will continue to apply for three years after the equivalence decision in ().

Exclusion th August Exclusion Whilst the Insuring Clause gives the cover, the exclusions clauses take some of it awayA typical list of exclusions would include Existing Claims Fraud Dishonesty Assumed Duty or Obligation Contractual Liability Trading

Disabilities at the International Conference From Exclusion to Empowerment Role of ICTs for Persons with Disabilities ( November , New Delhi, India)Published in by the United Nations Educational, Scienti c and Cultural Organization , place