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Bulwark FRs knitted Balaclava offers excellent head protection by using Duponts NomexThis Balaclava has a Hazard Risk Category of It has dual layer protection as well as an extended neck skirt to protect more of your upper extremitiesThe nomex is soft and comfortable, which can be important for hour days in cold weather.

Flame Resistant Balaclava in NOMEX double layer knitNFPA E compliant cal cm, CAT (HRK) Also complies with OSHA and meets ASTM aOne size fits mostDesigned for use in general FR applications including oil

Fabric Flame resistant, oz( g m²) Nomex knit Blend Nomex Aramid Care Home Wash Features Double layer head single layer extra long neck skirt Soft and comfortable with finished edges throughout Double Layer Arc Rating ATPV calories cm²

Save money at FR Depot on quality Bulwark Knit Balaclava NOMEX IIIACommercial bulk discounts availableFree Shipping overWhen you buy FR accessories from FR Depot you are working with a trusted experienced work wear company that is proud to stock a wide selection of comfortable apparel products.

Nomex FR Knit BalaclavaArc Rating ATPV cal cm Fabric Flame resistant, oz( g m²) Nomex knitStyle HNBColor

Can be worn with Nomex Coveralls Mobility Flame Retardant Cotton is stiffer than other fabrics, but is comfortableDurability (Fabric) Average Life of the Garment years, depending on use This garment is made from the most durable FR fabric, Nomex IIIABreathability Nomex (NomexKnit Flame resistant fabric) Protection