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These new composite materials, marketed under the PyroSic and PyroKarb names, are based on proprietary glass ceramic matrix systems reinforced with silicon carbide or carbon fibersThanks to the use of advanced inorganic polymers, they are processed at low temperatures with the same techniques and tooling as those used for conventional

Thermal properties of composite materials can be shown in different perspectivesOne expression of heat resistance means the decomposition temperature of the matrix material during heat treatmentSo thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) was conducted on polyimide matrix resin under nitrogen and air atmosphere, as shown in Figa.

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A polycondensation solid state reaction based polyimide (PI) matrix has been used for composite material formationTwo types of PI matrix have been employed a bulk PI system prepared by pressing a mixture of the powdered precursors (, oxidianiline (ODA) and pyromellitic dianhydride (PMDA)) and a thin film matrix formed by vapor co deposition of the same precursors, PI monomers.

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Currently, of polymer composite materials are used in aerospace structure (Airbus A and Boeing B )The present article presents an outline of thermoplastic and

Heat resistant composite materials with a polyimide based binder were obtained in this paperComposites were prepared with different content of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) and nanostructured silicon carbide, and polyimides coated carbon fibers woven into the cloth.

Pyromeral Systems develops and manufactures advanced materials and composite parts for applications requiring resistance to high temperatures or fire barrierOur unique technologies based on innovative inorganic polymers and glass ceramic matrices are designed for continuous exposure to temperatures as high as °C (°F).

Preparation of composite materials based on a polyimide matrix modified by inorganic nanofillersThere are two basic mixing mechanisms simple and dispersiveSimple mixing is the process in which a random distribution of the particles of the initial components in the volume of the mixture occurs without changing their initial dimensions.

Polyimide composite materials are now commercially available that can replace metallic or epoxy composites for a wide range of aerospace structuresTable describes the resin systems available versus structural service temperature requirementsEpoxy matrix advanced composite materials, as a result of long term exposure to

To create composite materials used in thermostabilized designs, features polymer matrix of the following composition Composition (see tab) Composition (see tab) Composition (see tab) Offer a polymeric matrix are the solutions of density of GM cm conditional viscosity " viscometer VZ with the nozzle diameter of mm

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The resulting composite materials based on polyimide matrix have outstanding values of thermostability and resistance to thermo oxidative stability, regardless of the filler content, which allow to use the received data to develop the technology of structural materials applied in the aerospace and electronics industries, especially in the areas