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Repairing a hole in a copper pipe is a temporary fixThe solder for this is often solder and contains leadIts always best to replace a section of pipe instead of patching a pinholeSafety Tip Never use leaded solder on copper pipes that carry potable waterIf you must solder a hole in copper pipe as a repair, heres how

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Heat the FittingUse the torch to heat the outside of the fitting (Image )Touch the tip of the solder to the joint of the pipe and its fitting (Image )The solder will melt right into the jointAfter the solder has cooled, wipe away any excess, making sure that solder completely encircles the joint, with no gaps.

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How to Solder, or sweat, to connect copper pipes for water supply linesTo connect copper tubing and pipe, one of the best methods is to use solder and a

The kind of flame used is another reason why problems are encountered when soldering copper pipeA conical flame can focus too much heat in once place, leading to unwanted burningAs a result a rosebud flame is the better optionThe torch will be closer to the joint, but the flame is wrapped around the copper pipe.

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Immediately apply flux this should be lead free paste for lead free solderThe flux stops oxidationCopper oxidises almost immediately and copper oxide won't solderUsing this technique, you can solder the most difficult pipes like chrome plated and stainless steelAssemble the pipe and fitting, right up to the stop, rotate to spread the

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Soldering the Copper PipeWhen you are ready to begin soldering the pipe, get the blow torch as hot as possible before you apply it to the pipeThe best way to proceed with the solder is to heat up the pipe as quickly as possibleEnsure that the pipe heats the fitting up uniformly, using the blue part of the flame.


Soldering a joint in pipes that contain even tiny amounts of water is nearly impossibleMost of the heat from the torch goes into turning the water to steam, so the copper wont get hot enough to melt the solderStop the trickle of water with a pipe plugPush the plug into the pipe with the applicator tube provided.

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