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Avon Protection showcases its Avon MP PAPR system at IDEF At IDEF , Avon Protection introduces the Avon MP PAPR system, a new generation of CBRN Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)It's part of the new AvonAir range of products which is the first adaptative powered air system configured to match changing operational conditions.

At SCTX Avon Protection demonstrated its TT Type thermal imaging camera and MP PAPR respirator in flexible chlorobutyl rubber, alongside Morgan Advanced Materials new Silverback Elite bomb suitThe demo on May rd proved how effective this combination of products can be for counter IED and search operations.

The US State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of India for CBRN support equipmentThe estimated cost is million.

At IDEF , Avon Protection will be demonstrating their fully electronically controlled MCM rebreatherThe MCM rebreather was designed and developed around the diver, to deliver enhanced multi role capability in the form of a new long endurance, electronically controlled rebreather capable of integrating with a range of military diving applications, in particular mine warfare and

IDEF Avon Protection showcases its Respiratory Protective Equipment solutions IDEF News Online Show Daily defense exhibition Turkey POSTED ON TUESDAY, APRIL The UK company Avon Protection is present at IDEF in Instanbul to showcase its innovative, thought in detail, Respiratory Protective Equipment solutions.

in Defence Events DSEI Avon showcasing AvonAirPosted September · Add Comment Avon Protection is displaying its AvonAir range at DSEI this week, the first adaptive powered air system

June MADEX LIG Nex, Hanwha Systems showcase competing designs for RoKN's CIWS II programme

Avon Protection has received US regulatory approval ( of sales) and dairy () sectorsIts Applications M FM ST MA FM STSD MCM MDC EZAIR MP PAPR CS PAPR

IDEF MP PAPR MP PAPR (AvonAir) .MP PAPR (adaptative powered air system)