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Class A protectionA level protection is the highest level of protectionIt mainly protects the breathing, skin and eyes, and can be breathed through a specific gas pipelineThis is a fully enclosed protective clothingThis kind of protective clothing is matched with protective boots, protective caps, gloves and so on.

Heavy duty fully enclosed first class chemical refrigeration storage liquid ammonia gas anti acid highly toxic light fire protection clothing Price Transactions

Chemical Protective Garments Dust Guard Suit Wholesale Interceptor is the apex of Industries chemical protective clothing lineManufactured to both NFPA and CE type requirements and available in encapsulating and non encapsulating configurations, there is an Interceptor suit for your needs be it gas, vapour, aerosol, liquids, harmful contaminants or particulate protection.

Application protective clothing for man get into accident scene exist chemical hazard, toxic gas, liquid not suitable for contact with fire directly in fire ground! Notice Before Use To examine the protective clothing before use, such as whether the zipper can tighten or whether the clothes is damaged, make sure no defects before use.

Heavy duty Fully Enclosed Chemical Protective Suit PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONHeavy duty chemical protective clothing is a special protective clothing that is applied the vicious incident caused by chemical production or leakageIt is mainly used in fire protection, petroleum, chemical, military, metallurgical and other industries.

Previous Fully enclosed liquid tight chemical protective clothing RHF II A Next High pressure breathing air compressor Waterproof, breathable, light quality, easy to wear off, high sensitivity, back belt air respirator back sac (can be built in respirator).

Fully enclosed chemical protective clothing,Fire fighting clothing,SHANGHAI FANG ZHAN FIRE TECHNOLOGY COLTD,

Fire retardant fabric with double sized PVC coating, and can be reusedEntrance guard is provided outside zipper, enabling better chemical resistance performance Co use with positive pressure air breathing apparatus.

The built in heavy duty chemical protective clothing for firefighters is one of the protective clothing for firefightersIt is used for firefighters to protect themselves from chemical dangerous goods when they conduct fire fighting and rescue operations on fire sites and accident scenes with dangerous chemicals and corrosive substances.