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A fire has swept through the Torch skyscraper in Dubai, one of the tallest residential buildings in the worldStrong winds helped the blaze to spread across the m (,ft) high building in

A skyscraper fire or high rise fire is a class of structural fire specific to tall buildingsSkyscraper fires are technically challenging for fire departments they require unusually high degrees of organization and cooperation between participating firefighting units to contain and extinguishSkyscraper fires are often multiple alarm fires .

Abbco Tower floor UAE skyscraper goes up in flames in latest fire to strike nation's high risesBlaze the latest to hit country's tower blocks, with flammable cladding frequently blamed

The fire came just months after a fire at another Dubai skyscraper, a story apartment tower named The Torch, and in October there was a fire at a high rise residential tower in the adjacent

A fire broke out at a residential building in Dubai on Wednesday morning Residents of Falcon Tower in Al Rigga area were taken to safety after the blaze erupted in a flat on the th floor, Dubai Civil Defence said.

A fire in what was once the worlds tallest residential skyscraper in Dubai has brought the safety measures of these soaring buildings back into the spotlight The fire, which is believed to

Dubai Tower Burns a nd Time, and Flammable Cladding Is Again Under ScrutinyA huge fire in Dubai raced up the sides of one of the worlds tallest residential skyscrapers on Friday, raining

Fire engulfs high rise residential tower in Dubai in the middle of the night, sending plumes of smoke into the air and debris falling below.

The Torch Tower, Dubai The storey skyscraper opened in Was the world's tallest residential building at its opening, but has since been surpassed by six others