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SEW motor nameplate informationSEW's strength lies in small and medium sized geared motorsThe heavy duty gearbox was developed on the basis of Santasalo in Finland, initially under the brand name SEW santasaloFounded in , SEW Group is located in Bruchsal, Baden Württemberg, Germany.

Servo MotorsOur Kinetix Servo Motors include a broad range of Rotary Motors and Linear MotorsOur rotary motors comprise several series including Kinetix VP Series, MP Series and TL Series and HPK Series motorsOur linear motors include the LDC Series and LDL Series with no wearThe servo motor families offer Smart Motor

Built in programable motion controller, Single phase, three phase, VV voltage inputSuitable for AC induction motor, AC PMSM, three phase asynchronous motor etcGet Quote!

The purpose of NEMA motor insulation classes is to describe the ability of the motor winding insulation to handle heatThere are currently four electric motor insulation classes in use A, B, F, and H (although there are also N, R, and S classes)Of these four, B, F, and H are the most commonly usedThese classes specify the allowable

Suitable for AC induction motor, AC PMSM, three phase asynchronous motor etcGet Quote! Built in programable motion controller, Single phase, three phase, VV voltage input

We love unique or rare motors at Servotech, and every servo motor we repair must meet our rigorous standardsWe own a huge selection of Toshiba drives, including new drives, in order to test our servo motor repairsName PlatingBefore shipping, Servotech makes all new name plates for each of our servomotor repairs.

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Servo Motor Specifications Motor model AC servo motor (Permanent magnet synchronous) Magnetic material Highest intrinsic coercivity rare earth permanent materials Insulation rate F grade When the ambient temperature is , temperature rise of stator winding reaches T=KH grade and C grade is optional.

Motor insulation systems that are rated for inverter use will be specified on the motor nameplate (or a sticker)These systems should have wire rated for a minimum of volt spikes, F or H class insulation, and will be processed with sold resin in a vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) system.

Insulated, small, flat head screw driver Rubber wooden mallet or a metal hammer and wooden work piece Socket, pipe, or tube (various sizes) Abrasive cloth to remove any nicks or burrs from the motor shaft Required Supplies Lubricant Grease, industrial grade, suitable for applications with speeds up to RPM, and

It is common for manufacturers to nameplate a wide variety of voltages on one motor nameplateA common example is a motor wound for and V ( V) but operable on VThis V motor will have degraded performance at VAnother common misconception is to request a motor rated at network voltage for example, at V.

Our High Performance Servo Motors Offer a Wide Range of Mounting, Connectivity FeedbackDiscover How You Can Harness Kollmorgen's Industry Leading Servo MotorsToday.

Enclosure classifies a motor as to its degree of protection from its environment and its method of coolingEnclosure is shown as IP or ENCL on the nameplateMotor frame, enclosure ,bearing and grease information on nameplateFrameThe frame size data on the nameplate is an important piece of information.

Servo Drive Nameplate Take SD Z series kW servo drive special for injection molding machine for the example Fig Servo Drive Nameplate Servo Motor Nameplate Take the ST series kW servo motor special for injection molding machine for the example SM RBEDFS Rated power KW Speed r min Rated voltage V

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