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The SOF Protective Combat Uniform (PCU) Level A JacketPolartec photo In the decade and a half since forming a relationship with SF, Polartec has expanded its military business, designing and producing advanced fabrics found in a variety of U.SArmy, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard standard issue clothing.

PCU Protective Combat Uniforms Massif PCU Level protective combat uniforms feature advanced, lightweight, high performance materials designed for comfort in the most extreme conditionsOperational Camouflage Pattern

The PCU Protective Combat Uniform A Buyers Guide and Clothing System History Posted on August , by The ITS Crew During the early part of the war in Afghanistan, US forces were suffering under extreme cold weather conditions poorly served by

The protective combat uniform is a state of the art multi level cold weather uniform system that uses the most advanced fabrics to keep the warfighter warm and dryIt does this by using different components based on mission and weather and is designed for extremely cold temperatures degrees to minus degrees.

The Protective Combat UniformNaticks PCU project is a multi level system which helps protect the soldier from cold and wet weather, ranging from degrees down to degrees FahrenheitThe system is lightweight and highly compressible, reducing the amount of space it requires in a load out, as well as reducing the total weight being

Under recommendation from Master Chief Scott Williams the former OIC (officer in charge) of the Naval Special Warfare Detachment in Kodiak, Alaska, and consulting with extreme alpinist Mark Twight, they develop an interchangeable clothing system which called PCU or Protective Combat Uniform.

Our Protective Combat Uniform (PCU) Level Crew is the moisture wicking, next to skin layer in the complete PCU survival systemDeveloped for USSOCOM, we utilize Polartec Power Dry to provide superior wicking action, an ergonomic design for exceptional fit, smart seam integration to eliminate pressure points from stacked seams, high breathability, quick drying, and comfortable next to skin.

PDF Protective Combat Uniform (PCU) Visual Guide Download PCU stands for Protective Combat UniformThis type of uniform is comprised of seven levels of clothing that are worn in layers in order to accommodate the conditions of a particular mission or environment.

Protective ApparelOur military and manufacturing history dates back to the Vietnam era with the production of the M field jacket in East Tennessee during the sDespite the offshore trends of that time, the company continued to grow and prosperNearly five decades later, Protective Apparel formerly Short Bark Industries has