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Many people avoid wearing safety helmets, but the role of safety helmets on site should not be underestimatedThe safety wear is not complete without a safety helmetRead this blog to know why safety helmets are important and how they can protect you from several injuries.

Industrial safety Helmets are one of the integral component of personal protective equipmentKARAM safety helmets are designed to provide protection to work

Jennifer Hoekstra with Safe Kids Greater Grand Rapids shows the proper way to wear a bike helmet and explains the importance of bike helmet safety(June ,

Some may think it's "uncool," but one pro skater knows just how important it is to wear a helmet each time he's on a board.

These safety helmets also provide protection against fixed objects and electrical conductors that may lead to injuryProtection Against Slips and Fall Wearing safety helmets while working in a liquid based FMCG or a chemical unit ensures that even if the work

BKL has done some experiments by dropping items on melons with and without safety helmetsWWW.BKL.NL

Importance of Wearing Safety Helmets at WorkHard hats or Safety helmets act as the first line of defense against head injury, but they only work when t

Depending on the company and industry, different color safety helmets mean different thingsFor example, one class of worker will wear one color while everyone else wears anotherWhile these are among the most notable benefits of wearing a safety helmet at work, there are other things to keep in mind.