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CIMMYT supports the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries through the Department of Crop Protection and National Agricultural Organization (NARO) through training and support development of resistant varieties in control of Maize lethal necrosis disease (MLND), Fall armyworm and Wheat rust (race Ug).

the animal without any harmCrops in farms are many times ravaged by local animals like buffaloes, cows, goats, birds etcThis leads to huge losses for the farmersIt is not possible for farmers to barricade entire fields or stay on field hours and guard itSo here we propose automatic crop protection system from animals.

Iwm Is an Integrated Weed Management Solution.

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Crop Protection System against Animals Attack To design this security system for farm protectionThe main aim is to prevent the loss of crops and to protect the area from animals which pose a major threat to the agricultural areas.

Agricultural Biosecurity Deployment of New Crop and Animal Production and Protection Technologies and Management SystemsNIFA administers funding to programs that provide new tools and management strategies in support of food defense and food security through the Crop Protection and Pest Management Program (CPPM) and the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN).

Crop protection, CNN, Wild animal attacks, Deep learningAbstractCrop damage caused by animals attacks is one of the major threats in reducing the crop yieldDue to the expansion of cultivated land into previous wildlife habitat, crop raiding is becoming one of the most conflicts antagonizing human wildlife relationships.

Kansas Passed the Farm Animal and Field Crop and Research Facilities Protection Act in It criminalizes enter(ing) an animal facility to take pictures by photograph, video camera or by any other means with the intent of causing harm to the enterprise.

SWM crop and animal protection netting is the ideal material to contain and protect your valuable assetsTypical crops that can benefit by protection netting may include fruits, vegetables, vines, trees, flowers and shrubsWe support industries including agricultural farming, harvest protection, livestock farming, nurseries, tree farms

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The animal agriculture sector accounts for approximately of total CO emissions, which are primarily the result of fertilizer production for feed crops, on farm energy expenditures, feed transport, animal product processing and transport, and land use changes (Steinfeld et al).

Crop Protection System to Detect Animals and FireWe will use our project in field crop areasWe are using smoke sensor which detects the smoke in the crop area and sends current data to microcontroller and the motor will get activated automatically and pump the water to stop the fire.

Animal Friends is a non profit, non governmental organization, founded in with the aim to promote animal protection and animal rights as well as veganism, as ethical, ecological and healthy lifestyle.