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A lightweight button front flame resistant shirt offers daily wear coverage, while an FR hooded sweatshirt provides maximum comfort and protection in cooler weather situationsFor our full offering of UltraSoft clothing items enter Ultra Soft into the search barInformation provided by WestexVisit their site for more information on

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Westex FR technology dates back to World War II, which is when the military commissioned Westex to innovate FR technologyAfter developing the first guaranteed flame resistant fabric, theyve continued to innovate with a wide portfolio of fabrics focused around types of fibers, yarns, and FR technologies.

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I have contacted Westex the manufacture of the fabric Indura UltraSoft that is used by several manufactures of the FR clothing here and around the worldThis is also the fabric that is used by Tyndale, which PGE has chosen as the vendor to supply its employees with their FR clothing needs.

Westex UltraSoft Cotton High Tenacity Nylon Knit and Fleece Blends Westex Indura Cotton Wovens and Knits UltraSoft , UltraSoft AC and Indura fabrics are speci cally engineered to be ame resistant secondary protective fabricsMore speci cally, as described in ASTM F, primary protective clothing, such as