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Hazard Risk Category is the level of arc flash protection clothing you must wear to protect against a minimum level of incident energy measured in calories per centimeter sqaredMeaning, electrical equipment, depending upon the energy delivering capability, under fault conditions can cause an explosion, or arc fault of a certain level, again measured in calories per centimeter squared.

FR Clothing against electric arc flash We manufacture the best quality of FR Clothing against electric Arc Flash As we use the most advanced technology fabric the final product is such that no any other product can competeThe risk , faced by user may be

Arc Rating Value describing a fabrics performance in electrical arc discharge tests that determine how much energy can pass through the fabric before there is a percent probability of second degree burnsBase Layer Clothing worn underneath primary FR clothing should also be flame resistant for added safety

IEC Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc Part Test methods Method Determination of arc protection class of material and clothing by using a constrained and directed arc (box test) This is a standard specifies

Program Solutions to deliver maximum protection against potential workplace electrical arc flash hazardsWe have FR Clothing in stock now visit our store in Indianapolis Learn More Utilities Safety Threads provides specialty We

When electrical workers experience an arc flash, the arc flash itself often is not what causes significant burn injuryInjuries occur when non FR clothing ignites and fuels the flame, thereby increasing the extent of the injuryAR FR clothing plays two key roles in

Ignition FR PPE is worn to protect against ignition in an arc flash hazard situationWhen an arc flash ignites non flame resistant clothing, the wearer can be badly injured from the burning garment.

FR Clothing against electric arc flash We manufacture and supply FR Clothing against electric arc flash which are engineered using the most advanced technology fabricsDepending on the level of risk, single as well as multiple layers garments are offered.

So, electrical workers should be wearing layers of FR clothing that has an arc rating of or higherFor high voltage and high risk electrical equipment, the hazard category is likely to be a or .