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General Workplace InspectionThis is a general checklist that OHS reps can use to do an inspection of the workplaceAfter you have used it a couple of times, you may wish to modify it so that it is more appropriate for your own workplaceGeneral Workplace Inspection ChecklistLast updated January .

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This is an workplace inspection checklist which could utilize, as soon as you`ve used it two or three times, you might want to general facility safety inspection checklist workplace safety inspection checklist template excel workplace inspection procedure workplace inspection reportDownload our chemical storage area checklist today for free.

When an inspection is conducted using this checklist, hazards can be identified to enable the improvement of safety in the workplaceThe checklist Provides a structured and documented approach to identifying and controlling hazards Provides a basic and consistent approach for workplace inspection and hazard identification.

This General Workplace Inspection Checklist is intended to help office occupants assess any workplace deficienciesPeriodic inspection (at least once per year for offices) and correction of identified hazards are supervisor requirements per Stanfords Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).

WORKPLACE INSPECTION CHECKLIST Names of Inspectors Location Inspected Date General Yes No Notes Floors clean, dry, free from debris, clutter and trip hazards Signs are posted when floors are wet (e.g when floors are washed, spills) Aisles are marked, clear and unobstructed

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Safety Inspection ChecklistThis safety inspection checklist can be used for general safety inspections of the workplaceIt includes items critical to safety and security of employees including emergency equipment, unobstructed pathways (aisles stairways) and adequate lighting in work areas.

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Using a workplace inspection checklist can help the management customize all the processes and procedures of the inspection based on the workplace areas that are essential to be evaluatedWith this, proper findings can be obtained which is a very helpful when it comes to updating the records of the business that are related to workplace safety.

WORKPLACE INSPECTION CHECKLIST The following is not an exhaustive list but a framework to guide workplace inspectionsEach workplace may wish to develop a site specific checklistFor review of workplace safety systems use the OHS self assessment tool.

Through a critical examination of the workplace, inspections help to identify and record hazards for corrective actionHealth and safety committees can help plan, conduct, report and monitor inspectionsRegular workplace inspections are an important part of the overall occupational health and safety program and management system, if present.

Workplace Inspection ChecklistIs general indoor air quality acceptable for the majority of occupants, i.e Have employees been trained in workplace