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High anti radiation performance Silver stretch fabric gives excellent radiofrequency and microwave shieldingMade of double thickness " wide polyamide elastomer fiberIdeal for cellphone shielding or any other activity when you need to shield your ears and forehead.

EHS offers a number of protective clothing options, including jackets, shirts, hats, and pantsThis particular manufacturer has a strong customer base as evidenced by the positive feedback left on their websiteAll clothes are tested to validate effectiveness against EMF RF radiationFor more information, visit their website.

Radiation proof, anti bacterial and comfortableLAMBS apparel and underwear block of wireless radiation to keep the bad off your goodsFree Shipping (orders above ) Free Returns Day Trial

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Lancs Industries has manufactured a full line of anti contamination and radiation protective clothing since We understand your functional needs and worker comfort issues, as well as disposal concerns associated with anti contamination clothing as well as protective supplies All clothing items with zipped or Velcro closures are designed with over flaps to protect from inadvertent opening.

When youre shopping around for anti radiation clothing, take a look at the packaging or product details and look for information about attenuationThis rating is usually shown in values of decibels, which rates the shielding performanceAs you can see from the chart to the right, the higher the decibel value, the greater the protection

Protect yourself from the harzards of RF radiation by getting anti radiation or radiation safe clothes for all purposesShielding fabric is from a global leader in shielding technology and has global patentBeing counted as the leading manufacturer, supplier, importer and exporter, we are offering wide array of Anti Radiation Clothing.

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EMF protective clothing such as hoodie or t shirt guarantees a high screening attenuation, reduce low high frequency radiation and have antimicrobial, anti odour and other effective featuresIt shields you from all kinds of electromagnetic radiation and shielding silver fibres combined with soft high quality cotton makes you feel very