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Has anyone used wipe out by SharpShoot RThis is a copper removing solvent that is used without having to pull a brush through your boreIt does work and I did buy a case, lolPassed a couple cans around to my buddies guess that makes me the de

SharpShoot R (Wipe Out, Etc) SharpShoot R (Wipe Out, Etc) Sort By View All Quick View Wipe Out Accelerator oz Wipe Out Painless Black Powder Brushless Bore Cleaner oz (in stock) Quick View Flush Out Cleaner

Put some Wipe Out, Patch Out, or Tactical Advantage on a clean gun patch and wipe the sample with one of thoseSet the sample on your bench and check it every couple of monthsYou will see that it will go for years with no signs of corrosion.

WIPE OUT has a unique new applicator tip that prevents Wipe Out from gushing back out of the barrelSimply hold the applicator tip against the muzzle or bore guide and apply the Wipe Out All that is necessary is a short burst.

It will when used with Wipe Out, Patch Out, or Tactical Advantagedissolve twice the amount of COPPER, within any periodUse it when you dont have time with a firearm you know has a history of COPPER fouling.

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Before Sharp Shooter Wipe Out After Sharp Shooter Wipe Out This is the result of using SharpShoot R to clean badly fouled barrelThe barrel has about rounds through itI did clean it on regular bases but obviously did not do a good job of itThis used to

Wipe Out TACTICAL ADVANTAGE which is to be used as a conventional non aerosol for special use with firearms that are used in tactical applications TACTICAL ADVANTAGE is an answer to specific problems, where the shooter has need for a very carbon aggressive bore cleaner that will also remove copper fouling as well as powder fouling with a minimum of effort.

Welcome to Sharp Shoot R At Sharp Shoot R you can find the best products on the market to clean, refurbish and maintain your gun of choiceWe offer a full line of professional cleaners and accessories that will keep your everyday, law enforcement, or military spec weapons in the best shape possible.

Wipe Out is the most amazing product I have ever seen, There is no barrel or breech that Wipe Out will not cleanI have used it in my Varmint rifle all of my Black Powder guns my large bore guns, and even the loose change in my pocket.