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Transparent material developed that's twice as strong as Kevlar, infinitely weirderScientists in Israel have developed a transparent material with "the hardest organic nanostructure known to man

Some versions are claimed to be as strong as KevlarThe properties of these plastics are incredibleThey are light, but very strong per cent lighter and three to four times stronger, says study leader Alcides Leão.

\begingroup "Strong" is an ambiguous term herenylon is strong in the sense that it is hard to break (but is very easy to stretch and deform)Kevlar is also hard to break but is also much more rigid and harder to deformStiffness and "strength" are not the same and Kevlar is useful because it has both\endgroup matt_black May '

A Plastic as Strong as Kevlar, and Environmentally FriendlyBy Stav Ziv On at PM ESTThe researchers used recombinant techniques to manufacture the small, synthetic SRT molecule

Scientists have discovered a new armor that is similar to the plaque that forms in Alzheimers patients brains that is twice as strong as kevlar an made from organic materials.

Its also currently about two thirds as strong as Kevlar, and times as elastic, Rice saysA garment made from this spider silk would be breathable, biodegradable, and gentle against

Brazilian Bioplastic as Strong as KevlarArchitect, Blaine BrownellDownload PDFDownload Full PDF PackageThis paperA short summary of this paper.

Kevlar can resist attacks from many different chemicals, though long exposure to strong acids or bases will degrade it over timeIn DuPont's tests, Kevlar remained "virtually unchanged" after exposure to hot water for more than days and its super strong properties are "virtually unaffected" by moisture.

Forty years ago, Dupont Company revolutionized protective gear when they introduced Kevlar, a fiber made of super strong, rigid polymer molecules belonging to a small class called aramidsSince then, improvements to strong textile fibers have been incrementalThats because most flexible polymers are inherently flimsy.