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ControversiesOver the years, Top Gear has found itself at the centre of controversy numerous timesThe following is a collection of some of the show's more notable controversies and controversy related articles.

Clarkson's criticismOne of the programme's presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, has been critical of the BBC regarding the handling of the programmeIn the February issue of Top Gear Magazine, Clarkson revealed that he thought that the BBC did not take Top Gear seriously, making the length of the series far too long, and often replacing the show with live snooker coverage, despite Top Gear

While the Top Gear team had always denied that it was a planned part of the episode, Clarkson later said that he should have returned with a number place saying W WONObviously theres still a grudge with Hammond bringing up the country again.

Jeremy Clarksons suspension from the BBCs Top Gear is just the latest development in a controversial career, from accusations of racism to insulting lorry driversLast year Clarkson and

Top Gear, especially during the days of Clarkson, Hammond and May, was always known for its controversiesIt put it at the top of newspaper headlines and kept it in our conversationsEven once the legendary trio left, it still maintained this habitSo here are the biggest controversies from Top Gear, with and without Jeremy Clarkson.

Jeremy Clarkson Talks The Grand Tour, Top Gear Controversies and Working for AmazonJeremy Clarkson was with James May and Hammond in Victorville, Calif in September

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In September and October, , one of Top Gear's biggest and most high profile controversies erupted while the crew was filming for an episode of the show in Argentina, eventually leading to the production team being forced to flee the countryThe incident was sparked over a number plate that was displayed by one of the cars used during the shoot, which was interpreted as being a reference

Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson's biggest controversies in quotes This article is more than years old The BBC presenters big mouth has got him into trouble on numerous occasions here are some

controversiesThe British motoring themed television programme Top Gear was often the focus of criticismThe criticism has ranged from minor viewer complaints to serious complaints where broadcasting watchdogs such as Ofcom have been involved.

Topics similar to or likeTop Gear controversiesOften the focus of criticismWikipediaThe X Factor in the UK has been subject to much controversy and criticism since its launchAs of October , there have been a total of fifteen completed series of the show broadcast on the ITV networkWikipedia.