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Shooting flash portraits at night m s Controlling flash color temperature m s Adjusting exposure to preserve the mood m s Dynamic range considerations m s .

How shoot at night without flash Night portrait creative ideas and examplesBefore we get into the tips, here are some night portrait photography examples and ideas to get your creativity goingAs you can see from the images below, exploring night photography for your portrait photography opens up an entire world of creativity

Coming to you from David Bergman with Adorama TV, this great video tutorial will show you how to shoot portraits at night using flashA portrait with a dramatic sky is a popular look, and it is a

Hitt the H button to be able to use the high speed sync mode and photograph portraits with a shutter speed faster than th of a secondChanging your shutter speed only changes the amount of ambient lightWhereas, when you change or adjust the ISO and aperture, both change the flash and ambient exposure.

How to Create and Shoot Night PortraitsThen you can use an automatic on camera flash to capture your night portraitA nightclub shot taken with the camera set to Manual mode, where I exposed for the backgroundA mix of a high ISO and a large aperture allowed for a fast shutter speed and helped prevent camera shakeThe flash was in TTL

In case youre new to shooting city portraits at night, David Bergman has some easy tips for you in the video tutorial above for AdoramaHe explains how you can use flash with a beauty dish from dusk to nighttime to achieve different looksThis works great when youre shooting with a low ISO of or , and at wide open apertures like

Night Portraits When taking a night portrait outdoors, you may be lacking in light sourcesIf you have a campfire, then you can take advantage of this but it may leave a strong orange cast to the photoInstead, use the on camera or an external flash, making sure your subject is not too close or too far away.

Portrait photographer Francisco Hernandez is back with a really useful tutorial on night portraitsIf youd like to start shooting some night portraits using off camera flash, it would be a

Here are tips for taking portraits at night using off camera flash (OCF)I've included a few photos from my portrait sessions at night as well as a coupl

There wont be any outlets for you to use when shooting outdoors at nightSome photographers purchase generators, so I suppose that is also an optionHere are the lighting varieties that I have used in night photographyOff Camera FlashThe most popular artificial light for portraits in low light settings is an off camera flashThis