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Xyron is an alloy compound of modified polyphenylene ether, or mPPEAs a thermoplastic material first created for use in the automotive industry, mPPE is incredibly tough, with good temperature resistance and moderate mechanical propertiesIt has excellent dimensional stability, low creep and can be effective flame retardant.

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Phenyl ether polymers are a class of polymers that contain a phenoxy or a thiophenoxy group as the repeating group in ether linkagesCommercial phenyl ether polymers belong to two chemical classes polyphenyl ethers (PPEs) and polyphenylene oxides (PPOs)The phenoxy groups in the former class of polymers do not contain any substituents whereas those in the latter class contain to alkyl

A process for decreasing the self extinguishing time of a normally flammable composition comprising a polyphenylene ether resin and a styrene resin, said process comprising adding to said composition an effective flame retardant amount of a flame retardant of the formula STR wherein R is alkyl of from to carbon atoms, aryl or alkaryl.

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Polyphenylene ether (PPE) compositions with good fire and flame retardant characteristics utilize lower levels of organophosphate fire retardant, and therefore do not suffer from the dbacks of previously known fire and flame retardant PPE compositionsThe compositions include (a) a polymer component containing at least of a polyphenylene ether (b) glass reinforcing fibers in an

The present invention provides polyphenylene ether compositions wherein the amount of flame retardant needed to obtain a UL flame retardancy rating of V is in general substantially below that required for conventional tris alkylphenyl phosphates such as Kronitex triaryl phosphate, without the addition of antimony or other synergists.

Flame retardant composition of polyphenylene ether, styrene resin and trimesityl phosphate and process for the preparation thereof United States Patent Abstract Compositions of polyphenylene ethers and styrene resins are rendered flame retardant, without loss in heat distortion properties or the need to include aromatic halogen

The present invention relates to a flame retardant polyphenylene ether resin composition, comprising, by weight percent (A) of a phosphorus containing polyphenylene ether resin with a number average molecular weight of (B) of an epoxy resin composition (C) of a cyanate ester resin and (D) of a soluble halogen flame retardant.