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Flame Resistant FAQs Canadian LinenNomex IIIA minimizes break open and maintains a stable, inert barrier between the fire and skin, protecting the wearer from direct exposureForming a tough, protective char when exposed to flame, the fabric stays supple until it cools, allowing wearers the valuable seconds they need to escape fires.

Nomex IIIA Flame Resistant Lab Coats from Cole Nomex IIIA fabric is inherently flame resistant no need to worry about washing out the protection! Lab coats feature three outside pockets, side vent openings, hemmed sleeve ends, and a lapel collarRated to Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) of

Nomex IIIA is used for flash fire protection in the oil and gas industries, and is composed of Nomex fiber, Kevlar, and antistatic fiberNomex MHP is used for arc flash and multi hazard applications and is a blend of aramid, lyocell (a cellulosic like cotton), modacrylic, and anti static materials.

Nomex is the brand name for a heat and flame resistant textile made by the DuPont chemical companyTechnically, it's called a synthetic aromatic polyamide polymer (and, in the original Nomex patent , it's referred to as a "polycarbonamide"), but let's not get bogged down with jargon .

flame resistantNOMEX IIIA incorporates an anti static fiber which reduces nuisance staticIn static sensitive environments, proper grounding procedures must be observedFlame resistant garments should be removed immediately and replaced with clean FR apparel if they become fouled with flammable material.

By contrast, flame retardant treatment (FRT) cotton or cotton nylon garments that meet NFPA requirements typically weigh at least oz ydThe flame resistance of fabrics made with Nomex IIIA is not only built inbut it also helps manufacturers provide a lighter weight, more comfortable garmentFabric made of Nomex IIIA can help

Fabrics have very low initial shrinkage ( to the latest data did not show the different between Nomex IIIA fabric and UltrasoftIt is not due to the fiber, but the fabric processing.) and maintain their size and shape over the life of the garment.

Made from a custom blend of Nomex Aramid Kevlar Aramid and other fibers, Nomex Essential fabric is engineered by DuPont scientists with the goal of giving workers in the oil gas, and chemical industries valuable extra seconds of protection to escape the intense heat and flames of on the job thermal hazards such as flash