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This equipment is not certified to the requirements of NFPA , and is therefore not to be used for firefightingNFPA covers protective clothing and equipment used in technical rescue incidents that include victim search, rescue, body recovery, and site stabilization during operations, such as building structural collapse, vehicle person extrication, confined space entry, trench cave

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DiRenzo suggests referring to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) , Standard on Protective Ensembles for Technical Rescue Incidents, and cross referencing it with NFPA , Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents, when making the decision on what technical rescue gear to buy.

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High visibility clothing for mountain, urban, air, sea, and combat rescue crews, organizations, and national advisory groupsUse this gear in the mountains, city, with K dogs, while searching for missing people, on calls, in helicopter rescue, technical rescue, park rescue, and ground search.

Technical rescue gear in the marketplace The success of NFPA has been limitedWhile there were a number of products that came out after the standard took effect, interest in the standard has

The Versatility of Technical Rescue Gear Changes on the Horizon for NFPA Aug , Technical rescue gear is a relatively new hybrid set of clothing that has been developed to meet the

Tri certified to NFPA for Technical Rescue and Recovery Clothing NFPA for Emergency Medical Operations Clothing NFPA for Liquid Splash and HazMat ClothingHighly Breathable FR Outer ShellMillenia Light (FR) oz PBO, Kevlar with enhanced water repellency bronzeMoisture BarrierCrosstech SR

TECHNICAL RESCUE AND RECOVERY GEAR Proper Fit Morning Pride clothing is manufactured using custom sizes onlyCustomized Garments Tailor your garments with our diverse selection of options, including specialized pockets, visibility packages, reinforcements, and moreTri certified NFPA for Technical Rescue and Recovery Clothing