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Flame Resistant clothing helps protect workers from burns caused by electric arcs or flash firesIt's also treated with flame retardant chemicals so it self extinguishes as soon as any source of ignition is removed.

Back to Flame Resistant Clothing GoodPRO FHR Maxim flame resistant suit for aluminium foundries Description The suit protects against metal splash and the thermal hazards of an electric arcWhen exposed to fire or burning particles, the material of

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When flame resistant protection is needed in a mill or foundry, base layers must also be flame resistant for complete protectionMoreover, because temperatures in those areas are hot, you need safety apparel that keeps you cool and does not add to potential heat stress issues.

LENZING for Protective WearLENZING FR is a sustainably produced inherently flame resistant cellulosic fiber based on Lenzings renowned Modal fiber production processLENZING FR is commonly blended with other high performance fibers to produce unique protective solutions for a variety of industrial applications.