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The ARC Flash categories range from as CAL to CAL, and a wide variety of clothing ranges such as ARC Flash undergarments, ARC flash casual wearFunction of NOMEX Arc Flash Suits The protection provided by Nomex Arc Flash suites gives a person the benefit of a few seconds to escape the Arc flash, by preventing the burning of the skin.

An arc flash is a powerful and dangerous occurrence where an electric current leaves its anticipated path and travels from phase to phase, or phase to groundMost injuries caused during an arc flash are a result of wearing flammable (non flame resistant) clothing that ignites and burns against the skin.

Our STRATA Friends are a diverse and inclusive group of skilled workers located globally who rely on arc flash protective clothing to make their job as safe as possibleBy listening, interacting and engaging with the community we improve how effective our STRATA products are out in the field.

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Indura Ultra Soft fabrics are fully flame resistant and the nylon actually enhances the protective performance in some cases, such as an electric arc and flash fire exposuresWear Life Ultra Soft is expected to wear over longer than cotton fabrics in similar weights leading to an excellent value equation.

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What IS Arc Rated Clothing Some professions have highly specialized needs in terms of clothing, in order to allow the professionals to do their jobs safely and securelyOne such example of this is jobs that require Arc rated shirts, pants, overalls, and other items of clothingElectricians need Arc rated clothing.

PPE and Laundry Supplier List ArcWear is an independent laboratory we do not manufacture or sell PPEAs a courtesy, ArcWear provides a list of arc flash arc rated (AR) clothing, garments and equipment suppliers that have used our team for arc flash testingArcWear does not endorse specific products or manufacturers or receive compensation []

Benchmark FR is committed to one thing, manufacturing the worlds best arc and flame resistant clothingSince we have developed and produced some of the lightest, highest quality and cost effective FRCs from materials which outperform the competition.