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Growing Navy fighter pilot shortage raises serious military readiness concernsAbout percent of Navy fighter pilot positions are unfilled, or one in four billets, with that number expected to

The Navy wants to overhaul how it trains its pilots due to recent innovations that have hit the fleet and the prospect of a new jet trainerThe U.SNavy is looking at ways that a new jet trainer

First published on Mon Apr EDT,kThe Pentagon on Monday released three declassified videos that show US navy pilots encountering what appear to be unidentified flying

Navy pilots reported UFOs lurking in the air between , including one that resembled a "spinning top moving against the wind." Yet Another Sign of the Apocalypse Navy Pilots Reported

A Navy experimental aircraft, inadvertently uncovered by pilots, or an alien UFO My bet is on the latest Navy patent, but Im open to suggestionsPlease share them in the comment section below.

"When people look at those kinds of videos and the reaction of the pilots, for example, I think that's often also used to give them more credibility with these expert pilots, often military pilots

The biggest difference between the Air Force and Navy pilot training is that Navy pilots also need to learn the extra skill of landing on aircraft carriersLearning how to land on aircraft carriers is a challenging, time consuming, and dangerous type of training that some SNAs are unable to master.

The pilots were flying in a formation of four F Sabre jet aircraftOne of the pilots described the phenomenon as a bright light which was sharply defined as disk shaped, that looked like a shiny silver dollar sitting horizontal. Another pilot managed to photograph the object, as you can see below.

Before reading "She's Just Another Navy Pilot", I knew about the author from Jean Zimmerman's "Tailspin Women at War in the Wake of Tailhook"I had seen her letters of rebuttal to reactionary editorial in the San Diego Union Tribune, and to unfavorably slanted articles in Newsweek.

Another F A F Super Hornet from Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA ) had an encounter with multiple "unidentified aerial devices" (UAD) on Apr, , while flying out of Naval Air Station

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