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How to Avoid Flame Retardant Chemicals in Childrens PajamasIve gathered LOTS of ideas and advice about this over the years, so you get to benefit from the wisdom of many wise mamas ringing in Buy tight fitting (look for the yellow tag with dire warnings about how the pajamas arent flame resistant hooray, you win!)Smart mamas

Under todays federal safety guidelines, Childrens sleepwear fabric and sleep garments sold in sizes larger than months must be either Flame resistant, and pass specific flammability testing ORThey must be tight fitting pajamas, which is defined by the CPSC and involves very specific clothing measurements.

Smoke detectors werent required in the early s, but Congress decided that flame resistant childrens pajamas should beTo comply, manufacturers started adding a flame retardant chemical

Wash in SoapThe CPSC standards state that the flame retardant quality must remain in effect for washes in detergent, but if you read the tag on any sleepwear that isnt tight fitting, you notice a few things Flame Resistant your cue you dont want to buy it if you can help it.

Carters polyester sleepwear is naturally flame resistant, while our cotton sleepwear is tight fitting, and therefore does not require additional fabric treatmentAll Carters sleepwear products are clearly labeled as sleepwear. Only garments labeled as such should be considered sleepwear.

Fire Retardant Pajamas This Is What You're Searching For!

Childrens Sleepwear RegulationsBack in , regulations were written to require childrens pajamas be flame retardantAt the time, they were treated with brominated trisIn , scientists warned that it could damage DNA and was probably absorbed through the skinBrominated tris was banned for use in childrens sleepwear after

Loose fitting pajamas labeled "flame resistant" and with a unit identification code so they can be tracked in case of recallA care label should also list instructions on how to wash them to

Flame retardants are used in numerous household itemsCouches, mattresses, and kids pajamas all potentially contain flame retardant chemicalsFlame retardant chemicals are used to prevent and delay the spread of fire so that an escape can be madeUnfortunately, the chemicals that are supposed to help protect you are actually causing harm.